Gabriel Field visit

Gabriel Field, Ft. Campbell, Kentucky


Gabriel Field, Fort Campbell Kentucky, is a place I did not know about until last week. But it will be forever etched in my memory from now on. It is a parade ground surrounded by lines of trees. Not just any trees.

These trees are planted each time a base member dies in combat. At the foot of each tree is a small bronze plaque inscribed with the Fallen Hero’s name, Date and Place of Death. Too many names. Too many far off places.

Some trees are now 30-40 years old. Unfortunately, some are brand new. American flags flutter in the breeze at the foot of some. At one, two weathered garden gnomes stand watch forever.

In the center of the grove is a memorial made out of I-beams from the World Trade Center. Formed into a V—the Roman numeral for Five—as a symbol of 5th SFG’s continuing sacrifice in the War on Terror.

Every day, Americans are risking their lives to protect our freedom and our rights. These trees and World Trade Center memorial trace our history and preserve it for future generations to understand their sacrifice. Our Museum will do the same.

A respectful Fourth of July to everybody.