Whether at our bricks-and-mortar Museum or through our online presence, the Americans in Wartime Museum delivers engaging and interactive programs. Online, our Wartime Oral History Program provides a chance for people across America to share their wartime stories. At our permanent facility near the nation’s capitol, visitors of all ages will gain a deeper understanding of their nation’s unique wartime experience, the courage and sacrifice of their fellow countrymen, and the impact on their own lives.

The Museum’s immersive environment will tell a distinctly American story and involve visitors in a variety of ways:

    • Crafting a vividly personal voice, emphasizing individual experiences.
    • Exploring all branches of the military through the eyes of Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen, and Coast Guardsmen in various settings: training, marshalling, combat and homecoming.
    • Weaving home front and battleground stories to illustrate the unbreakable bond between those at home and those in uniform.
    • Featuring the Landscapes of War—authentic wartime settings illustrating the frontline conditions experienced by our service men and women in various wars.
    • Recreating the character of the times and the experiences of the American people through the lens of war from World War I forward.
    • Hosting reenactments, live-action events and other activities that bring these stories to life.

Incredible Site

The Museum’s 70-acre site is just off Interstate 95 about 22 miles from the nation’s capital. The property has been donated by the Hylton Family of Prince William County, Virginia.

The site provides easy access from I-95, yet visitors will feel a world away. With ample parking, the Museum will accommodate individuals, families, student groups, military reunions and more. The Museum is being designed around the site’s natural features, taking advantage of its topography and natural beauty. The site plan below illustrates the main elements of the Museum: the six Landscapes of War, Orientation Center, Restoration facilities and Aircraft Hangar, plus a Reenactment Area and Obstacle Course.

Wartime Museum Site