Keep ‘Em Running: Englands Tank Museum

At Bovington Camp in Great Britain is The Tank Museum.  Not the “Tank Farm” we all know and love in Nokesville, VA, but across the Atlantic in southwest England.  There one will find over 300 tanks of all sizes and shapes.
So why blog about a tank place that is thousands of miles away?  Because I just came back from visiting there last week and one thing struck me while I toured the facilities….the spirit of mission and values that imbues the staff and volunteers at such a place.
The Tank Museum at Bovington recently had its Open House.  And I enjoyed tremendously seeing some rare and unique vehicles.  All in various stages of restoration.  Across the facility, the staff and volunteers wore their trademark black coveralls.
These special people went out of their way to make my tour special.  As I asked dozens of questions, the sparkle in their eye showed their love of their job as they described each and every one of the vehicles they had worked on, and exactly what role they had in the vehicle’s restoration.
Especially Bob.  Bob had an epic mustache.  He was also featured on the museum’s postcard of a 1920’s era armored car, rocking the ‘stache.  But I could see his chest swell with pride as he talked about the difficulties, the frustrations, and the scars on his body that went into making that armored car the most beautiful thing in the world.
And that is why I am writing this blog post now.  I got to share in the warmth and special spirit of the staff and volunteers at The Tank Museum in Great Britain.  Our Tank Farm in Nokesville is having its Open House this weekend….so come on out and share in that same spirit.  Our staff and volunteers will be in their trademark gold T-shirts.  Ask them questions about which vehicles they worked on.  Ask them why they do it.  I bet the answer will be the same—whether here or across the Atlantic.  To “Keep ‘Em Running” and to share their love of history with future generations.
Our Open House is 22-23 September, rain or shine.  Starting at 1000.  Register at house.
Michael P.
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