Museum Site Update

When will the museum open?  That is without a doubt the question we most often get asked.  While we would love to be able to give a date specific, we cannot yet do so.  We can tell you, however, that work is progressing at the site as are our fundraising efforts.

Below you will see some images taken over the last few months of the future museum site.  The site is located in Dale City at Dale Blvd and I95 on 70 acres that was donated by the Hylton Family of Prince William County.  To learn more, see our “Future Museum Site” page.

We cannot do this without your support.  Please consider making a donation by clicking below to be taken to our donation page.  We thank for patiently hanging in there and for your continued support.



The first image is taken at the entrance to the site looking south. The second is looking east towards I95 while the remainder are taken at differing angles looking south.















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