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100 years ago at Cambrai

100 Years Ago at Cambrai It is not often that a Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) occurs, but approximately 100 years ago one did. On 20 November 1917, over 400 tanks were deployed en masse for the first time by the British at Cambrai, France. This ushered in a new era of warfare…that of armor. Prior to Cambrai, the tank was deployed primarily in scattered pockets and small numbers, negating some of the shock and awe of the new weapon. Particularly since the early tanks were very unreliable. But something needed to be done to stop the massacre of human wave offensives and trench warfare. Thoughts on how to break … Continue reading

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July 4th

Thinking about the 4th of July…………..AFTER It is now several weeks since the 4th of July; the grills are once again cool, the fireworks have exploded and America’s celebration of her Birthday has come and gone. I thought about this because my Birthday is coming up in a few days and it caused me to think about what I saw and did on the 4th. My lovely bride and I braved the heat to attend the National Parade down Constitution Avenue. Having never attended previously, I did not know what to expect. But all along the march route were thousands of eager faces, young and old. Many waving American flags. … Continue reading

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Memorial Day and The Poppy

The VFW conducted its first poppy distribution before Memorial Day in 1922, becoming the first veterans’ organization to organize a nationwide distribution. The poppy soon was adopted as the official memorial flower of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.It was during the 1923 encampment that the VFW decided that VFW Buddy Poppies be assembled by disabled and needy veterans who would be paid for their work to provide them with some form of financial assistance. The plan was formally adopted during the VFW’s 1923 encampment. The next year, disabled veterans at the Buddy Poppy factory in Pittsburgh assembled VFW Buddy Poppies. The designation “Buddy Poppy” was adopted … Continue reading

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M 1917 tank restoration update

Here is a short update on the M-1917, it is getting close. Working on the tracks should be sandblasted this coming week, primed and painted. Lot of small pieces that Marc is fabricating. Photos by: John S.

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M 1917 restoration

The museum’s M 1917 light tank is coming together and we hope to complete it in the near future. Its progress has been slow due to the difficulty in finding and fabricating parts that are missing or beyond repair. We will continue to post updates of its progress and we plan on having it out for our annual open house on Sept. 24,25.

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