That Sound You Didn’t Hear

That Sound You Didn’t Hear, 1 April 2019


Last Friday I was down at the Museum restoration facility helping with some work that needed to be done. As I was changing into my coveralls, I heard the mobile recording studio being fired up. Lacing up my boots and stepping outside, the studio departed on its mission for the day. But I will circle back to that in moment.

That “Sound I Didn’t Hear” that Friday was the sound of a Veteran dying. I didn’t know about it until I got home and read the email from my friend. It was his Father-in-Law. 104 years old. Wounded twice in the Italian Campaign of World War Two (once when a shell hit the house he was sleeping in).

My friend had spoken with him the day before. And by all accounts he died peacefully. But he didn’t write any books. And according to my friend, rarely spoke about his experiences in WW2. His discharge papers and service record were mostly destroyed during a fire at the records center.

But like millions of other Americans, he served his country honorably when duty called. Then. And now, Americans are quietly doing their duty so that other Americans may sleep without worry of a shell exploding over them.

Now back to the story of the mobile recording studio.

They returned to the Museum shop, and were proudly discussing the Oral History recoding they had just made. A Veteran of the 82nd Airborne who had served in Vietnam. That person also served honorably. And quietly protected America.

In this case, generations of Americans will be able to hear him. Because that is our Mission…Preserving the Past for the Future. In this case, by sending out a recording studio and digitally saving forever the history of an American who had served.

I was very happy that the Museum was making a “Sound For All To Hear”. Below is a link to the Oral History program….please help us by ensuring you, or any veteran you know is heard. That will honor my friend’s 104 year old Father-in-Law.



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