Voices of Freedom®

The Voices of Freedom® provides veterans of wartime and those serving on the home front an opportunity to record and preserve their stories.  Stories are captured on video and a copy provided to the veteran.

Mobile Recording Studio

In 2014, The Voices of Freedom® received a generous donation allowing us to expand the project and go mobile.  Our mobile recording studio is a 36′ recreational vehicle that has been converted into a studio.  With the addition of the RV, the project has the capability to travel around the country to meet with veterans and record their stories of  sacrifice and courage.  The mobile recording studio has traveled to locations such as the VFW, American Legion, retirement homes, business sponsored events, air shows and military re-enactments such as the World War II Show held annually in Reading, PA.

Voices of Freedom® Mobile Recording Studio

In addition to enabling the project the ability to travel to events around the country, the Mobile Recording Studio affords the veterans families the opportunity to view the interview in real time.  Many family members comment after the interview that they heard stories and found out things about their loved one that they never knew. Stories of wartime experiences that have been tucked away in the memory of the veteran for many years, and in some instances, decades.  These stories have even been known to bring a tear to a family members eyes, and on occasion, elicit a round of applause for the veteran from those viewing the experience.

WWII Veterans in front of the Mobile Recording Studio

Your Story

One of the primary objections we get when we ask a veteran if they would agree to be interviewed is that they think they didn’t do much. While it may be true that their service didn’t result in a movie being made, if they served during wartime, especially in a forward location, they have a story to tell. And although it is fascinating to hear the stories of heroism that led to the awarding of a Medal of Honor or a Silver Star, it is equally fascinating, and important, to hear the stories of everyday life during wartime. Like the story one WWII veteran would tell about trading his underwear for a chicken, or of the time a radio man in the Army received a communication to be delivered to General McArthur advising him that the war was over. And then there are the stories that tug at the heart strings and bring a tear to your eye, like the one related to us during an interview with an Air Force pilot during the Gulf War. He would tell the story of tucking his kids into bed and kissing them goodbye, perhaps for the last time as he prepared to go off to war.

Below is a compilation of short clips of veterans telling their stories.

If you are a wartime veteran or served on the home front during a time of war, we want to hear your story.  More importantly, your family wants to hear your story, especially family members who haven’t been born yet.  If you are an organization that would like us to bring the RV to you, we’d like to hear from you as well.  Contact us below to arrange for an interview, or to have us bring the RV to your event.

Inside the Mobile Recording Studio

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