Doris BakerWorld War II

Doris Baker was a strong, working woman during World War II. She was married at 17 to her husband William Baker and 3 months later, William Baker went into the service. Her husband went to radio school in South Dakota and became a B-29 radio operator during the war. Baker used V-mail, a primary and secure method to communicate with soldiers stationed overseas, to communicate with her husband.

During the war, Doris was a “Rosie the Riveter”. Her main duty was in the dairy processing section. She made powdered milk for the troops abroad for about a year and a half. On the home front , Doris remembers how all of the civilian population gave full support to the war effort, everyone was a united force. When there was a need for scrap metal during the war, everyone gave what they could to help the war effort. Doris’s family, along with many other families, made a garden and ate what they grew. It was very important to have a garden because everything was rationed at the grocery store. Doris also remembers how all of the houses had an American flag hanging. The way Doris got news about the war was through newspaper and radio.

Doris Baker is very proud of what the Americans in Wartime Museum is doing for the generation of the war. Doris loves contributing to the museum and hopes it will continue to educate future generations.

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