Americans in Wartime Experience

Landscapes of War

Walk Back into History in a New Way

One of the most unique and engaging areas of the Americans in Wartime Experience will be the multi-acre outdoor Landscapes of War exhibits. The six planned Landscapes of War will feature full-scale, active replicas of wartime scenes from the following conflicts: World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and current conflicts.

Scroll down to view early artist renderings of what the landscapes of war may look like.

World War I

World War I
Plans for this landscape include an introductory area that provides an overview of the war and what led the United States to get involved. The area will include exhibits that highlight medical and technological advances, as well as statistics about the brutality of war and the cost of human lives. The primary focus, however, will be on the stories of individuals who took part in the conflict.

World War II

World War II
The image above is a rendering of what an educational re-enactment of a World War II battle might look like.

Plans for this Landscape call for a bombed out French village to represent the war in Europe and a thatched hut village from Okinawa (to represent the war in the Pacific). Exhibits will focus on remarkable stories of individuals' experiences, while also highlighting America's early devastating losses and later significant battles and victories. Visitors will learn about technological advances found in aircraft, ship, tanks, computing, radios, sonar, and the radar.

Other Conflicts

Future planned Landscapes of War include Korea, Vietnam, and our war against terrorism.
The Americans in Wartime Experience explores the impact of war and conflict on America since WWI. It honors those who served in the military and on the home front and highlights the values they demonstrated in serving – duty, honor, and courage. It examines how periods of conflict have profoundly shaped American society. It educates visitors about the costs of war, both on a personal and social level. It challenges visitors to remember the service and sacrifices made by their fellow citizens to preserve and defend our freedoms. LEARN MORE

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