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Brian Wing


Brian Wing- 9-11 Response and Operation Enduring Freedom

Brian Wing started his career as an active duty member between 1983-7. After his initial term of enlistment, he entered the Coast Guard reserves where he became a Port Security Specialist. During his training for this specialty, he learned the skills required to occupy and provide security for ports within the United States as well as those within occupied areas in war zones.

In conjunction with his reserve duties, Brian worked full-time as a police officer with the Prince William County Police Department in Virginia.  As he was preparing for work on September 11th, 2001, Brian saw the attacks on the World Trade Center broadcasted on television. Just as the second plane impacted the second WTC tower, he received the call to mobilize to New York City to secure the vital port facilities.

Immediately after his team’s arrival to the port, it alternated between security patrols within the port and rendering assistance to the recovery and cleanup of the Ground Zero. After two months of non-stop service on the scene, he and his team were demobilized for 90 days and then reactivated for seven months to stand up and provide security for Camp X-Ray on the Naval Station, located on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Bio prepared by Shannon P. Reck, MMH

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