Americans in Wartime Experience

Charles Culver

Vietnam War

During the Vietnam War, Charles Culver served his country as a member of the United States Army with the 199th Infantry Division.  He was in the Army prior to the start of the war, and volunteered to go to Vietnam.  Charles recounts (27:20) his first night at home after returning from the war.  His house was situated near an airport in Montgomery, AL and while asleep in his bed, a jet flew over his house.  The next thing Charles remembers is his wife leading him back inside.  He says that while in Vietnam, you are trained to run out of your tent and look for a foxhole to jump into at the sound of incoming.  And so, that's what he did.

When asked if he had any regrets about his service, particularly his service in Vietnam, Charles states, "The only regret I have about Vietnam is that I didn't bring all my men home, because that was my job, bring em' home alive, and I didn't do it." (30:06)

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