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Daria Pampaloni-O'Hare

Desert Storm

Daria Pamapaloni- O’hare – U.S. Navy - Desert Storm

Born in 1962, Daria Pamapaloni- O’hare grew up in Hoboken New Jersey. She came from a large circle of family members that served in the military. Prompted by a financial recession in 1987, Daria decided on a career in the Navy and attended boot camp at the Naval Training Center in Orlando. Due to a combination of being the oldest member of her platoon and her psychological maturity, she was selected by her instructors to fill the billet of “Recruit Chief Petty Officer,” which resulted in her receiving a meritorious promotion to Seaman Apprentice upon graduation of recruit training.

Immediately following her time at NTC Orlando, she attended the Personnelman “A” School, located at Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi. To her dismay, she received orders to remain there for two years upon graduation. Once she was tour complete, Daria served a stint on the destroyer tender, USS PRARIE, and another year and a half at the Naval Hospital Los Angeles. After her time at the hospital, she transferred to the destroyer tender, USS CAPE COD. While assigned to this ship on leave, she received the first news of the start of combat operations against Saddam’s Iraq.

She deployed to the Persian Gulf with her crew and served eight months before being returned home due to illnesses caused by toxins released by burning materials in the region. Daria was medically retired as a PN2. Daria provides a unique perspective as a female member of a predominately male Navy and as a guest in Middle Eastern countries, such as the United Arab Emeritus.

After her time in active military service, she used her veteran’s benefits to return to college and qualify as a social worker. She continues to this day to serve her country by providing mental health services to combat wounded veterans. She owes her success in her current profession to experiences she had while in the Navy.If you have any biographical data, information or pictures regarding the service of this veteran, please contact us using the "Add Info" button below.

Bio prepared by Shannon P. Reck, MMH

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