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Warren Fisher

World War II

Warren Fisher, as a member of the United States Navy, served his country during World War II.  He was assigned to the USS Kline (APD-120), a high speed transport.  One of the tasks the ship was assigned while Warren was aboard was  to deliver a Navy Underwater Demolition Team to Okinawa.  The mission of the Frogmen was to clear the approaches to the island prior to the invasion.  After the start of the invasion the Kline would remain on station to support the campaign.

Warren recalls that there was a cat on board the Kline that served as their mascot.  The Frogmen also had a mascot, a monkey.  The monkey would ride the cat around the ship and at times would climb on the ships safety lines.  Well, one time as Warren remembers, the monkey, while climbing the lines,  fell into the ocean while they were part of a convoy.  The ships captain ordered the ship to turn around and retrieve the "sailor," a serious breach of protocol. (story begins at 10:22)

After the war ended, Warren tells the story of coming back to the States and then returning to locations in the Pacific to pick up equipment such as jeeps and other like items.  What shocked him is what was done with the equipment.  Instead of bringing it back, Warren says they were ordered to push it over the side of the ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  An explanation for why was never given to them.

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