Americans in Wartime Experience

William Berry

World War II

William "Bill" Berry served his country during World War II and the Korean War as a member of the United States Army.  He enlisted on June 14, 1945 and attended basic  training at Camp Wolters, TX.  After basic training he went to Fort Mason, California where he served in the 9206th TSU TC Headquarters, as a truck and vehicle driver.  Bill chauffeured General Eisenhower and General Wainwright among others. He obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant.  Bill was discharged in 1946 and joined the National Guard where he was called back onto active duty in 1950 after the Koran War broke out.  He was part of the 100th Tank Battalion and later the 193rd Tank Battalion, 306th Armored Car Group at Camp Polk, Louisiana.  In 1951, after an injury, he was discharge.

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