Americans in Wartime Experience
September 2, 2021
Joseph L. Galloway, longtime American foreign correspondent died August 18th at the age of 79. Galloway was a tremendous advocate of the Americans in Wartime Experience and more importantly loved the men and women of the military and his country.

Mr. Galloway was most famous for co-writing with U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Hal Moore the book, "We Were Soldiers Once...and Young." The book recounted his and Moore's experience in Ia Drang Valley in one of the bloodiest battles with the North Vietnamese in 1965. Joe, as an American journalist, was awarded a Bronze Star Medal with V for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire in that battle. He's actually the only civilian to ever receive a medal of valor from the U.S. Army for actions in combat during Vietnam. The book was so moving they made it into a movie, "We Were Soldiers."

Joe reported from the frontlines many times and was known for his bravery and courageousness. His storytelling was trusted, respected, and vivid. He will be known as one of the great war correspondents of all time and he will be greatly missed.
The Americans in Wartime Experience explores the impact of war and conflict on America since WWI. It honors those who served in the military and on the home front and highlights the values they demonstrated in serving – duty, honor, and courage. It examines how periods of conflict have profoundly shaped American society. It educates visitors about the costs of war, both on a personal and social level. It challenges visitors to remember the service and sacrifices made by their fellow citizens to preserve and defend our freedoms. LEARN MORE

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