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The Voices of Freedom is a division of the Americans in Wartime Experience, a 501c3 non-profit. Our mission is to record and preserve the stories of Americans, both civilian and military, who serve during wartime. This podcast will showcase those stories that tell of the service and sacrifice of ordinary, everyday Americans whose service and experiences were anything but ordinary. These stories are told in their own words from their perspective. Nothing is edited or sugarcoated. Listen to the trailer >
July 25, 2022

S01 E12 - Vietnam Veteran, Navy Corpsman Jim Bourke

Jim Bourke served during the Vietnam War as a member of the United States Navy as a Corpsman. He served 3 tours and received 7 Purple Hearts. He has a tremendous story to include being attached by the enemy at night in a foxhole. He fought with the enemy soldier and eventually killed him with a knife.
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July 9, 2022

S01 E11 - Vietnam War Army Medic Joseph Saitta

In his episode of the Voices of Freedom® Podcast, we interview Army Combat Medic Joseph Saitta. Joe was drafted into the Army and served one tour in Vietnam in 1967. He was assigned to the 502nd Division, 101st Airborne, B Company. He earned the Silver Star and Purple Heart for actions he took under fire near Fire Base Currahee, in the A Shau Valley in Vietnam.
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July 2, 2022

S01 E10 - World War II Civilain Dorthy Moser

In this interview, we speak with Dorthy Moser. Dorthy was a child living in the United States during World War II and offers her perspectives on what it was like to live during the great war. From Pearl Harbor to Victory Gardens, Dorthy has a keen memory of the events that most of us only read about.
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June 21, 2022

S01 E09 - World War II Army Air Force Veteran Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark served during World War II in the United States Army Air Force in the Pacific. During this interview Bryan talks about his memories on hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor and his time at an air base in the Philippines and on being flown over Hiroshima after the war.
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June 15, 2022

S01 E08 - D-Day Veteran Michael Hubiack

In this episode of the Voices of Freedom Podcast, we talk with World War II veteran Michael Hubiack. Michael served in the United States Army and was part of the first wave to hit the beach as part of the D-Day invasion of Normandy on 6 June 1944. He was assigned as an assistant gunner on a 60mm mortar. He was awarded the Purple Heart for injuries he sustained on the beach.
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May 4, 2022

S01 E07 - Operation Eagle Claw Veteran John Diacsuk

On 14 February 1979, militant Iranian students stormed into the United States embassy in Tehran and took 63 Americans hostage with an additional 3 Americans being seized at the Foreign Ministry. Although 10 of the hostages were freed by the militants, the rest remained for over a year. On 16 April 1980, President Jimmy Carter, after all diplomatic means had failed, approved a military rescue mission. The mission would be code named Operation Eagle Claw.

As a member of the United States Navy, John Diacsuk piloted RH-53D Sea Stallion helicopters. On 24 April 1980, he was at the helm of helicopter # 5, call sign Hotel 27 during Operation Eagle Claw.
April 26, 2022

S01 E06 - World War II Army Nurse, Elizabeth Lewis

Elibeth Lewis served her country as a member of the United States Army during World War II. She was a surgical nurse and served aboard the hospital ship Emily Weder in both the Atlantic and the Pacific. The ship was named after the first army nurse killed. After the war, Ms. Lewis continued her career as a nurse. She said during this interview that she saw more during the couple of years serving as an army nurse than in the rest of her time as a civilian nurse.

Ms. Lewis wants everyone to be grateful to be an American, to be thankful for what we have and to always fight to keep it.
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March 14, 2022

S01 E05 - Vietnam Veteran Henry "Rocky" Colavita

Henry "Rocky" Colavita served his country as a member of the United States Army during the Vietnam War. Rocky did 2 tours in Vietnam. His story is very compelling and detailed as he recounts the circumstances surrounding being wounded and being evacuated via helicopter. Rocky was awarded 3 Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart for his service.
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February 26, 2022

S01 E04 - WWII Ace, Philip Adair

Philip Adair is a WWII fighter Ace as well as the recipient of the Silver Star, Legion of Merit and Distinguished Flying Cross. He took on 64 Japaneses aircraft by himself in his P-40 Warhawk on 13 December 1943 as a member of the Burma Banshees.
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February 19, 2022

S01 E03 - Sergeant of the Guard Chelsea Porterfield

Chelsea Porterfield served in the United States Army as an MP during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. She would eventually become a Sentinel at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery. She became the first female Sergeant of the Guard. In September of 2021, she, along with 2 other female Sentinels, would stand watch over the Tomb as the first ever all female guards on duty. Her accomplishments are impressive and her story is fascinating.
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The Americans in Wartime Experience explores the impact of war and conflict on America since WWI. It honors those who served in the military and on the home front and highlights the values they demonstrated in serving – duty, honor, and courage. It examines how periods of conflict have profoundly shaped American society. It educates visitors about the costs of war, both on a personal and social level. It challenges visitors to remember the service and sacrifices made by their fellow citizens to preserve and defend our freedoms. LEARN MORE

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