Americans in Wartime Experience
April 2, 2020

America is at War

The Americans in Wartime Museum will chronicle all aspects of how our people respond during a time of war. And right now, America is at war. With an unseen, microscopic enemy called COVID-19.

IMG 5908 1024x683Our heroes not only wear OCP camouflage, but sometimes they wear green scrubs. Right now, the doctors, nurses, and clinicians are on the front line of our war on COVID-19. They risk their lives daily, exposing themselves to a virus that we know little about. But they kiss their family goodbye in the morning and commute to work, knowing they are putting themselves in danger. That is bravery and courage.

But that is what Americans do for each other. And what we all must do for each other. Americans put aside their differences, and do what is right—what is needed to be done. I am amazed as each day shows how the spirit of America will conquer this latest threat. From high school students turning out new forms of medical personal protective equipment on the 3-D printer, to children holding rallies to collect money for those temporarily out of a job. To my neighbors waving and cheering on the sanitation people as they keep our neighborhood clean and safe.

Not only are our medical professionals on the front lines, valor can be in police blue or firefighter’s red. The cap of a long-haul trucker delivering food or supplies symbolizes that America will not be deterred. Essential workers wearing coveralls to keep our water, electricity and sewage systems running—they too are worthy of mention.

The Tank Farm is doing its part. We are self-isolating all staff and volunteers at this time. Where possible, planning and meetings are occurring via telecommuting. We are looking for tank parts and planning for our next Open House.

We are following CDC guidelines and practicing social distancing. You should too. The Americans in Wartime Museum WANTS TO SEE YOU in 2020. So please self-isolate, check on the elderly, call friends, play games, order delivery from local restaurants, from wineries , from breweries and cook great food. And we all will conquer this enemy.
The Americans in Wartime Experience explores the impact of war and conflict on America since WWI. It honors those who served in the military and on the home front and highlights the values they demonstrated in serving – duty, honor, and courage. It examines how periods of conflict have profoundly shaped American society. It educates visitors about the costs of war, both on a personal and social level. It challenges visitors to remember the service and sacrifices made by their fellow citizens to preserve and defend our freedoms. LEARN MORE

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